My metalwork is focused on the concepts of minimalism & sustainability while using traditional techniques in modern ways. It often takes a critical view of social issues, therefore I create work with the intention to ask questions about gender, sexuality, jewellery and the body. I am particularly interested in challenging social norms surrounding jewellery: in both how it is worn and by whom. To do this I have tried to move away from dated ideas of separating adornments into either ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ by creating gender neutral pieces.

My inspirations range from exploring everyday surroundings to taking inspiration from fashion forms and more architectural designs. From this I work to refine my pieces to an elegant simplicity. Working primarily in recycled Ecosilver I aim for my jewellery to be for any age, lifestyle or simply anyone with strong sense of style and personal aesthetic. Ultimately I just really hope my jewellery empowers people in some capacity.