The groundwork of this collection was inspired by observing the many ways sexualisation and gender roles are informed by the constant process of cultural osmosis and how it works as a framework to both constrict and limit our lives. I examined notions of gender in society and studied its depiction in both the arts and the wallpaper of our day to day life’s. In doing so I explored everyday surroundings and took inspiration from fashion forms, common daily materials and architectural shapes.

Gender representations in art are the outcome of the constant cultural process of defining sexual and social identity, but as an art form limited primarily to one gender jewellery reflects this cultural process more than any other. This is something I seek to challenge and depict through the use of everyday omnipresent and traditionally masculine materials such as concrete or steel juxtaposed with the more traditional in jewellery and so traditionally more feminine, silver.

Photographer – Valentina Pimanova
Models – Mika Kailes, Sgaire Wood & Calum Shambolic
Make Up Artist – Michelle Watson